Easter Tradition: The Tale of Three Trees

April 12, 2014 Family | Spiritual Life 1 Comment



I really love celebrating holidays, but because Easter is when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, it is extra special!

When my children were young, we enjoyed reading the book, The Tale of Three Trees, the week before Resurrection Sunday. The story tells of three trees who dream of what they will one day become, yet little did they know the significant part they would each have in God’s plan.

My kids are grown, but I still read this book to my grandchildren and to the girls in my 4th grade girls Sunday school class. I hope you and your family will appreciate the meaning of its message this season, as well!


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  • Love this book…and the story that it represents! We read it every year at Christmas in our Merry Hearts ladies Sunday School class! Thanks for the idea to read at Easter…of course!

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