God’s Choice for You

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As women, we have the opportunity to make choices on a daily basis. Sometimes, the choices we make seem small and insignificant. Other times, they involve life-changing consequences.

If you are a mom, though, there are a few choices that you didn’t make. Some choices God Himself made for you.

If you are a mom, God chose you for your children.

He graciously and lovingly determined, before the world began, the child (or children) you would have. He knew their temperaments. He knew their strengths, their weakness. He knew what would make them laugh and what would make them cry. He knew what they would like for dinner and how they would like to play. He knew how they would learn best and what subject they would most enjoy in school. He knew what type of guidance they would need to become men and women who would one day be used of God…and he knew the mom they would need to make that happen.

He knew the tender touch you could provide and the loving discipline you could impart. You are God’s choice for your children. You are the woman God made to influence their moldable hearts.

He chose you for them.

But, God also chose your children for you.

He knew, before the world began, that you would learn from their childlike faith, simple wonder, and loving acceptance of others.

He knew that you would need a toddler to rub food in his hair right before church, so that you could demonstrate loving patience. He knew that same toddler would melt your heart with a timely hug in the middle of a crazy day.

He knew that your children would change you for the better, causing you to be less selfish…more sacrificial. He knew that you would be capable and strong, but that your children would test your capabilities and strength.  He knew that your children would make you depend on Him, cry out to Him, and seek Him.

He knew the loss of a child would draw you to Himself in ways you would never imagine. He knew that you would love them with an indescribable love, and He knew that love would give you a small glimpse of His love for you.

He chose them for you.

I love it when God makes the choices in my life.

I’m thankful for the four children He chose for me, and I pray that you will savor the blessings He has chosen for you this weekend, as well.

Happy Mothers Day!

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. (Psalm 127:3)


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