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One of my first official attempts at gracious hospitality came early in my husband’s and my ministry, and it was not what I imagined it would be.  My husband had just started couples’ class, and he was so excited the Sunday of our first visiting couple attended church.  Imagine my shock when, right in the middle of class, he invited them over to our home for lunch!

I was expecting our second child and was not feeling very pleasant or hospitable.  We also did not have any food at home!  (In fact, I was praying someone would have us over for Sunday lunch that day!)  By the time our class was over, I was convinced that he had not been serious in his invitation.

As we walked home from church, I reached for my husband’s hand and said, “I’m so glad you were teasing about having people over today.”  It was when he assured me that he was not joking that I looked behind my shoulder and saw the visiting couple following us to our apartment.

I quickly began to formulate a plan.  The closest store was a 7-Eleven on the corner of our street, and we only had seven dollars.  I ran to the 7-Eleven with the little money we had and bought a package of spaghetti noodles, a can of green beans, and a half gallon of ice cream.  So, our big Sunday afternoon meal and my first debut in hospitality consisted of buttered noodles, green beans, and ice cream.  To my surprise, the couple joined the church the next Sunday!  (I think it was the ice cream!)

Hospitality is a wonderful opportunity to encourage others in the Lord! First Peter 4:9 admonishes us, “Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”  Take some time this summer to be a blessing to others in this way, and do so with a joyful spirit. Here a few quick reminders that may help:

  • Your meal doesn’t have to be fancy. There are many affordable and fun options (popcorn, ice cream, brownies, etc)!
  • Your home doesn’t have to be perfect. If you wait until you have every upgrade or decorative item on your wish list, you may never have anyone over!
  • Once the food has been served, focus on your guests and enjoy your fellowship with them.
  • Ask for help! If you do have a more extensive menu planned, recruit help. It gives others the opportunity to serve and be a part.
  • Don’t stress! Be thankful for the privilege of Christian fellowship and savor the time spent with God’s people.

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  • Thank you for your encouraging words and great ideas. I hope others will take notice. I always thought my house was not pretty enough and knew I was a terrible cook. But here I sit today, 80yrs old, and alone just because everything needed to be perfect

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