Joy in Serving Jesus

March 8, 2014 Spiritual Life No Comments



This past Sunday evening, our church family hosted “Renew Fellowships” in the homes of our church members, in preparation for our upcoming Renew Offering later this month. Every member was invited to the home of another member for a time of prayer, vision casting, and encouragement leading up to our offering.

My husband and I hosted a group of members in our home, as well, and I  had fun planning and preparing an Italian Food Bar for our guests.  The evening was filled with many great blessings, but here are three I especially enjoyed from opening my home for this special event:

Fellowship with Other Christians – It is always a joy to spend time like this with other Christians. The encouragement, laughter, and shared burdens and blessings do something special to the heart. I’m thankful God gave us others with whom we can share our Christian journey.

Time Spent in Prayer – I also enjoyed spending time in prayer together with my church family. What a blessing to gather together for a common purpose and pray together to see God work for and through us in a unique way.

The Anticipation of What God Will Do – There is an exciting atmosphere at our church right now as we work, pray, and then anticipate what God will do in our church through the offering this month. The anticipation was real in our home this past Sunday, and it continues to remain real in our hearts in these days that have followed.

I ‘m sure many of the ladies in our church who hosted, co-hosted, or attended a fellowship last Sunday could identify with these blessings and even add many of their own! I’m thankful to be a part of a church that encourages us to serve Jesus in a variety of capacities, and I’m glad that the Renew Fellowships was one of them.


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